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On this page you will find theological papers written by participants in the theology and culture project.  You will also find some newer material.  Please note that each paper remains the intellectual property of the author.

1. Frank Rees.  Notes for his presentation on Doubt.

2.  Peter Lewis.  Covenant and treaty:  an exploration of how the Uniting Church covenant with the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress can inform and be informed by the current treaty debate.

3. Garry Deverell.  The Making of the Body of Christ:  Worship as a Technological Apocalypse.
previously published in the Australian Journal of Liturgy 9.1 (2003): 19-34.

4. Craig Thompson.  Being Church: Moving Beyond Tolerance
prepared in dialogue with the Doctrine and Liturgy Committee of the UCA Synod of Victoria and Tasmania

5.  Garry Deverell.  If It Be Your Will: Making Promises With Derrida, Ricoeur & Chauvet.
previously published in Pacifica 16 (2003):  271-294.

6.  Sandy Yule.  In Defense of Figleaves: a contribution to the debate on homosexuality in the churches.
to be published in 2004 as part of a Festschrift to honour Prof. Harry Wardlaw

7. Garry Deverell.  Notes Toward a Theology of the Arts, Through the Arts.
a paper presented to a seminar on the Arts and Theology at Otira College, Melbourne, in Jan 2004

8. Craig Thompson.  Thoughts on Christ Amongst the Powers
for consideration at our gathering on March 3, 2004

9. Garry Deverell.  Toward a Theology of Violence: methodological considerations
for consideration at our gathering on March 3, 2004

10. Paul Teusner. Power and Parody: a reading of Ched Myer's Binding the Strong Man
for consideration at our gathering on April 21, 2004

11. John Bottomley.  How Shall We Live?
for consideration at our gathering on April 21, 2004

12.  Craig Thompson.  Violence in the Gospel of Mark
for consideration at our gathering on April 21, 2004

13.  Peter Lewis.  The Violence of Silencing The Voiceless:  a theological perspective on ATSICís demise
for consideration at our gathering on August 25, 2004

14.  Wes Campbell.  Anti-Terror Legislation: a response from within the Church.
a paper given to a public forum on November 28, 2005

15.  Randall Prior.  Ordering Christ's Ministry in a Changed World
a paper reflecting upon an issue facing the 11th Assembly of the Uniting Church to be held in July 2006

16.  Garry Deverell.  Four Reasons why The Da Vinci Code has Nothing of Substance to say to the Faith of Christians.  
a lecture delivered at Monash University as part of the course 'De-coding The Da Vinci Code' on May 23, 2006

17.  Garry Deverell.  Theological Reflections on the Spirit of Captitalism
a lecture delivered to the Auburn Forum on June 12, 2007

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